Our approach

Global industrial trends are forcing all industrial piping systems to develop rapidly. As a result, engineering requirements of plastic industrial pipes are becoming more stringent every day.


Resistant, high quality pipe systems for industrial applications

From responsible water management via swimming pools and spas to the processing of chemicals or hazardous substances, we encounter complex and diverse requirements in industrial installations. Our plastic pipes and fittings can easily manage all of these challenges.

International and local experts

We have a global presence. On international and domestic projects, we have mastered our knowledge by using industrial piping systems and solutions at all levels. With our sales and technical experts we provide this to our customers in the form of ongoing support.

Comprehensive offer at every stage

With our wide range of products, Aliaxis offers complete piping systems to meet the very different needs of different industrial sectors. Our plastic pipe solutions not only provide the same resilience and reliability as traditional metal systems, but are additionally corrosion resistant. They are cost-effective, offer a long service life and require little maintenance.

Wielka fabryka przemysłu chemicznego

Chemical industry

We offer a wide range of products and systems specifically designed to store or transport corrosive and hazardous chemicals. Our industrial systems are economical and durable, whether they are used in process lines or installations transporting industrial liquids.

Swimming pools and spas

At Aliaxis we offer ideal solutions for swimming pools. Our portfolio, which has already been used at the Olympic Games, offers a range of options to circulate water evenly and transport chemicals to keep these environments clean and safe.

Systemy uzdatniania wody

Water and waste water treatment

Aliaxis offers a range of solutions to meet the complex and diverse requirements of installations designed to treat industrial water and wastewater. We offer versatile products that safely transport chemicals and ensure long plant life.

Sfotografowana z góry pojedyncza oczyszczalnia ścieków

Water treatment

We offer a range of solutions for municipal projects that are cost-effective and sustainable. Aliaxis meets the requirements of these water and wastewater treatment applications with systems that require little maintenance and can be installed quickly and easily.

Proces galwanizacji odbywający się z wykorzystaniem produktów marki FIP

Surface treatment of metals

We offer a variety of solutions for the treatment of metal surfaces, such as galvanising, electrodeposition, etching or acid regeneration. Aliaxis provides a wide range of products made of different materials to meet the demands of this growing global trend, which is essential for the automotive industry.