Our approach

The demands on buildings today are far greater than ever before. We expect buildings to be not only safe and comfortable when they are put into use. Even at the construction stage, we want to make sure that they are constructed in a way that is sustainable in every respect.


Aliaxis solution offer

Water combined with efficient piping systems to manage it is fundamental to meeting these challenges in many buildings. This approach relies on cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions that deliver consistent performance.
At Aliaxis we design high quality plumbing systems for a wide range of applications. From residential, commercial, hotel and logistics buildings to public buildings and healthcare facilities, our solutions help ensure a pleasant and safe environment.

Comprehensive offer at every stage

We cater for the full range of sanitary requirements, from hot and cold water systems to waste water, shower traps and drains and floor drainage. Aliaxis also provides market-leading ventilation and drainage solutions that are specifically designed to support savings in money, time and space.



Dom jednorodzinny z tarasem i zielonym ogrodem

Residential construction

Our solutions are designed with occupant comfort in mind, ensuring high levels of performance and durability. We help our customers choose the most suitable and cost-effective systems or products for each new project. Whether it's a single-family or multi-family development, whether it's a new build or an existing facility, we offer proven systems along with professional technical advice.

Wysokie budynki sfotografowane nocą

Office buildings, hotels and others

Our plumbing systems are used in today's offices and busy commercial and leisure buildings, where they provide a comfortable environment for employees and visitors. From stormwater applications to low-noise sewerage and sanitation systems, Aliaxis solutions help create spaces that are perfectly suited to the people who use them.

Wieżowce wybudowane nad brzegiem wody



Aliaxis Group has developed efficient solutions perfectly suited to the challenges of tall buildings, including single riser systems without side ventilation and fire protection systems. We provide our customers with cost-effective and sustainable solutions that make living in high-rise buildings safe and comfortable for occupants.

Magazyn produktów z zainstalowanym system podciśnieniowego odwadniania dachów Akasison

Warehouses and industrial halls

Aliaxis provides highly efficient and robust solutions for industrial buildings that can cope with large amounts of rain and wastewater. We also offer a specialist solution for logistics buildings in the form of a vacuum rainwater drainage system, forming a perfectly integrated part of the building structure. The designed solution is ideally suited to large flat roofs to ensure effective drainage in case of even very heavy rain.

Budynki użyteczności publicznej

Public buildings

Our sustainable and cost-effective solutions are ideal for buildings designed for education or public use. The highly efficient systems supplied by Aliaxis have been installed in a wide variety of projects around the world, from prestigious government buildings to modern schools and universities.